We will regularly host interactive workshops to give a broader overview of the theology of work and the practical implications of living it out. These are stand alone events and serve as a good introduction to the topic. 

Faith & Work Workshop:
Why What You Do Every Day Matters to God

April 29th 10am-2pm
The Loft
1438 E 57th Street (2nd Floor)

Join us for this interactive Workshop to learn how your faith not only enables you to work for God’s glory, but also gives a you framework to understand God’s Kingdom purpose for you in the world. We’ll look at God’s original intentions for work, how sin has corrupted it and how we get to play a role in God’s redemptive purposes no matter what work we find ourselves doing every day. 

There is a suggested $10 donation at the door and lunch will be provided. As we need to order food ahead of time, please drop an email to jmiles@htcchicago.org to RSVP.