Burnham Fellowship

In September 2008, Redeemer Presbyterian Church in New York City committed to equip their young adults for gospel leadership in the world. As a result of this commitment they designed what became known as the Gotham Fellowship, an intensive, top tier training program in faith and work, that engenders commitment from its participants and congregation.

Through Holy Trinity Church’s partnership with Redeemer, Faith and Work Chicago now offers this fellowship in Chicago as the Burnham Fellowship. Through the Burnham Fellowship we provide the theological, spiritual, and relational foundations required for meaningful and sustainable integration of faith and work. The Fellowship integrates three primary elements to further the social, cultural, and spiritual renewal of Chicago.


At the core of the program is the commitment to consider how the gospel impacts every area of life. We develop a worldview that draws from the deep resources of the Reformed tradition and is sufficiently robust to engage the diverse and complex culture of Chicago.


The Fellowship fosters personal, spiritual and professional development through daily devotions and relationships with pastoral leaders and mentors from the congregation.


The Fellowship is a community of peers, from diverse backgrounds and vocations, who are committed to each others’ spiritual growth and calling to serve the common good of the city.


The Burnham Fellowship is a 9 month program for adults who live in Chicago. Our general goal for each class is for it to comprise 50% men and 50% women working in fields including law, finance, education, government, non-profit, design, medicine, retail, the arts, and stay at home parents.

The Fellowship begins in October and finishes before Memorial Day weekend. During these 9 months, the Fellows meet 2 hours a week to discuss the (sometimes extensive) weekly reading of major texts from various eras of church history, or thought history. Daily devotionals unite the group through guided scriptural and devotional readings. Monthly Saturday gatherings provide in-depth training and city excursions. 3 retreats focus on personal reflection and spiritual formation.

The Fellows tuition fee helps offset program expenses.  The fee is $1500 for Holy Trinity Church members and for those in process of Holy Trinity Church membership during the application period. For all other applicants the fee is $1750. We are seeking donors who would enable us to provide financial aid as needed.


Applications will be accepted in the spring for cohorts beginning the following fall. The next cohort will run from October 6, 2017 through May 20, 2018. Fellows will be selected who best demonstrate 1) commitment to the city, 2) spiritual maturity, and 3) ability to fulfill the responsibilities of the program.

Registration for the 2017/2018 is now open. Applications are due by May 26th and participants will be notified of acceptance by July 1st.